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Farm Management Program


  1. Determining applications provide increasing the yield in farms,
  2. Preparing optimum management plans,
  3. Development of suitable management models for ecological environment ,
  4. Researching in agricultural marketing,
  5. Leading and expertising farmers organizations ( cooperative, union, etc.),
  6. Development of strategies against risk and uncertainty (Agricultural insurance etc.),
  7. Estimation of the costs of agricultural products and development of the related methods,
  8. Development of farm appraisal methods,
  9. Development of computer softwares related to agricultural economy.


Agricultural Policy and Extension Program


  1. Determination of the objectives for micro and macro agricultural policies,
  2. Determination of the effectiveness of agricultural policies that are being implemented and making of recommendations for future,
  3. Preparation of projections for the future of supply and demand for agricultural products,
  4. The development of agricultural and rural development projects,
  5. Making of agricultural extension to the farmers for teaching the newest agricultural techniques,
  6. Organization of the national and international courses for farmer and agricultural extensionist education.


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